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Software engineer with over 4 years of experience in applying practices, methods and tools that help improve software quality and developer productivity. Adept at providing technical direction to software developers, working hand-in-hand with customers and project managers to achieve business goals. Over the years, I have built Bespoke software ( Web and mobile) that has helped several startups improve their businesses.

I am also a prolific technical content creator who loves to share knowledge profusely.

M o r e I n f o R e s u m e

Job History

Lead Software Engineer

Needle Technology, Abuja Nigeria

  • Mentored and trained personnel on policies and procedures regarding systems, programming and troubleshooting.
  • Identified solution to long-standing issue with legacy system; developed comprehensive requirements documentation in order to improve integration.
  • Researched coding and database concerns to resolve non-functional applications issues. Mentored software engineers in developing projects using best practices.
  • Introduced test driven development techniques to the Engineering team

Freelance Software Developer

MobileTM, Abuja

  • Rebuilt an existing web applications and implemented new features according to software requirement.
  • Enhance the web application to integrate properly with payment gateway and other third party libraries

Software Engineer

Taxaide Technologies, Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Researched coding and database concerns to resolve non-functional applications issues.
  • Generated a reusable software library by refactoring and extracting software code from one project and packaging it for use across multiple projects.
  • Worked as a fullstack developer and was involved in the concepts and full implementation of web applications for tax remittance purposes.

Software Developer

Century Data Integrated Services Limited, Lagos.

  • Worked with a team of other Software Developers to build robust and scalable REST API for easy integration with third party applications.
  • Maintained existing legacy project and implemented other features to improve the relevance of the application for users

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