Olususi Oluyemi
Software Engineer
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  • A little about me

    Who I am

    An IT graduate with an incredible passion for ICT (Information and communication technology), web development and programming. My specialty spans across web application development. This I achieve through the utilization of standard up-to-date techniques and tools. Every project avails me an opportunity to overcome new challenges, improve my knowledge and skills.

  • My passion

    What I do

    Emerging from an Engineering background, my motivation is driven towards solving problems and providing lasting solutions . By venturing into the world of programming, my problem solving skill has largely been improved upon. My passion has not swayed a bit from giving web application users a lifetime experience on the web.

  • Tools of trade

    What I use

    I love to always keep up with the latest effective tools and technology in web development. I currently use PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS coupled with modern frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, NodeJS, ReactJs, VueJs, Bootstrap and React Native (honestly, i think those are terms for geeks). The conclusion is I am very vast in combining all the tools mentioned above to create a lovely user experience.

  • Collaborate

    Team minded

    Web application development is not just about developing any random product, its about creating a product that actually works and cater for a particular problem in the society. Putting this into consideration, i strongly believe that team work on a project is imperative.Am an active team player, collaborating with others to deliever a very intuitive and user friendly application.

Why hire me


Web development as an act of providing unequal and special online solution service to meet customer's interests and demands.

Problem solver

Problem solving is the essence of web application development. keeping this in mind, I often identify the problem, analyze it, select the best solution and finally implement the solution.


I often put myself in the position of a business owner, thereby planning carefully to maximize every opportunities to facilitate the growth of a business, brand and organisation with my skillset.

Hands on

I hate to stay back and watch things happen, I will rather prefer to get in on the action, roll up my sleeves and simplify every complex project with professional approach for a greater result.


Web projects can sometimes requires working with a team in order to facilitate its successful completion. I can put together a formidable team of expert developers and web designers to tackle the most complex web applications.


I am passionate about what I do and not afraid to take risks for the sake of making things better



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